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Whether it's spending time with the family or focusing on more important tasks at hand, ReNet's Touchpoints ManagerTM  can assist with the running of your Real Estate business.

From a new listing or updating a property's price or status, your clientele are comprehensively kept up to date, keeping you and your business in touch with your clients needs, instantly.

Touchpoints ManagerTM tracks any activity posted against a listing and automatically logs this into your vendor reports.

Unleash the power or your Touchpoints ManagerTM today and showcase how your business is using advanced technology to promote and win new listings and new clients

Your properties
sync’d... instantly

The moment you add, change or delete a property, we synchronise the new data with your website and all major third party portals, not hourly or overnight... but Instantly.

  • realesteate.com.au
  • domain.com.au
  • homehound.com.au
  • homesales.com.au
  • homely.com.au
  • rent.com.au
  • real-estate-australia.com.au
  • ratemyagent.com.au

Promote your clients properties on over 100 portals all supported by ReNet.

ReNet has your
print solution

Be it window cards, brochures or booklets you can be assured that ReNet has the soluton for your business requirements.

With ease create stunning sales or rental stocklists, and in just a few clicks, choose your layout, paper size or orientation.

Perhaps you need to tailor your listings to buyer requirements, produce stunning reports, instantly.

Looking for something unique, ReNet is your answer. Our powerful PDF solution is customisable to suit your business requirements. Whether double sided to include floorplans or maps, QR codes or simply after something to set your business apart, talk to ReNet and lets discuss your ideas and solution today!

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Intelligent and
actionable information,
at your fingertips

Staying in touch with your clients is essential for any business and managing these relationships is paramount.

Utilise ReNet and the Touchpoints ManagerTM, to create decisive marketing campaigns that are informative, precise and tailored to individual client requirements.

Whether a contact is a buyer, seller, prospect or tenant, at any given point in time rest assured that your customer relationships can be managed easily and securely within ReNet.

Running Your Business
just got easier

Let's face it, tools that make your business run smoother, efficiently and less taxing on resources has got to be a good thing right? Welcome to ReNet.

These day's Mobile matters and quite possibly the biggest traffic to your website is in fact from a mobile device. We work for you to make an impression with your clients, and have developed an array of modern designs incorporating the latest technology with our client's needs and wants at the forefront.

Combining an effective CRM and website is a very powerful tool. Take advantage and make decisive decisions that grow your business utilising ReNet's intelligent forms, market your business effectively with precise data and monitor staff activity with real numbers. All this and more when you switch to ReNet and the Touchpoints ManagerTM

Build effective client communications

Looking for that competitive edge, ReNet's Touchpoints Manager TM is your answer. Built for the Real Estate space, this ground breaking technology has been developed from the ground up to assist in your day to day business communications.

Develop smarter marketing campaigns, or find that hidden prospect with better, in-depth and concise business data and get piece of mind knowing that any notification is seamlessly and automatically delivered instantly to your clientele, allowing you to focus on building a stronger Real Estate business.

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