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See Unreal Real Estate's view on ReNet's Prospecting tools and how they help identify potential buyers.

That's another great thing about the system too, it's that we can actually go back into the system and it actually shows you the auto emails that are generated and sent out to people, it tells us if they are being opened or not. If they are not being opened it's a real wake up call for the agent to jump on the phone, make a quick phone call and say "look, we've noticed we've sent you a few emails and you haven't opened them but there is a really great one that came out the other day that I really think you should look at"

Many times people will get blockages I suppose on suburbs especially like the southern area of Coffs here we have Boambee, Boambee east, Toormina, sawtell and Bonville. You've probably got one intersection you can stand on and put your foot on each corner of the intersection and you're standing in a separate suburb. People automatically will get an email saying Bonville, and think well I don't want to live in Bonville, but that little phone call, like Kerry said the personal touch after the email and I think very much there was one last week we took over from another agency had it sold the first day full price. That was only because the email went out, we followed up with a personal touch off the database and sale for a client at full price in one week can't be happier!

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