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Testimonial from Cassandra Pulver at RE/MAX advantage at Wynnum Manly

Hi Scotty its Cassandra here from RE/MAX advantage at Wynnum Manly, just wanted to say thanks very much for the training yesterday for beginners, it was great, great content.

You managed to be able to provide us with as much information as you could do in a short period of time.

I'm new to the industry, I haven't used ReNet in the past. So I feel confident now, with the information that I gained and the knowledge that I gained yesterday - through your training session to be able to now start to put some of my leads and contacts into the system, so again thank you very much.

Again thank you for encouraging everybody in the class to interact with you during the hands on training, again everybody's at different levels, not only in their careers but in terms of their experience with ReNet. You didn't make anyone feel any less knowledgeable or anything for any of the questions they had during the session, in fact you encouraged that, so that was really great.

So I got a lot out of it and I recommend the beginners training for ReNet for anybody. And I actually look forward to the advanced training next year Scott so all the best merry Christmas and if you get the chance to do the training, do it guys.

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