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Unreal Real Estate use ReNet's comprehensive software tools to make quicker sales, see how.

Chris - Real estate is very much a professional business these days and there is a lot of real estate agents who are still working in the dark ages I suppose in lots of ways working in real estate museums where they are not using cutting edge technologies and its those kinds of things that actually allow you to get the best price for your home if you do try and sell.

Kerry - The funny thing too that Ive noticed by juts going through the last few sales that we have had and the information we have received and where the sources of the buyers were. Its realty quite interesting theres been several that have actually come to us after being on the market with other agents for sometime and I must say quite successful agents at that and its been interesting that we have been able to find buyers at the same price virtually straight away and I thinks a lot of the has to do with having the systems in place. And that we follow up with that personal touch. We are able to track our buyers so Immediately as soon as we list a new property we've already got a list of buyers who are going to be suitable. We know they've been through before, we know what they like what they don't like and that achieves the best results for our home sellers.

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