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Hear how Unreal Real Estate love ReNet's all in one solution to manage day to day operations seamlessly & delivering a superior and cutting edge service for there clients.

Chris - Look the system's been really good for us in a lot of ways because for the team every time someone rings up we can track our clients as they come through. Be they potential buyers or sellers every time the slightest bit of information goes in its logged against the people, the open house times go in with the properties, , we can track who is going through the properties. Its just made life so much easier for everybody.

Kerry - Yes our office is extremely well systemised the systems we have in place to enable us to follow everyone, track exactly where they are up to and they are all so mobile too so we can log on on our mobile phones or on our iPads, so they are even really handy at our open homes for instance. If someone walks in we can show them our other properties that may suit them in their price range, we know their history of exactly what they have been looking at and they've got the added advantage of getting those updates as soon as there is any change or a change or an open house, it's been fantastic for buyers they think it's great because they are getting first-hand information before it hits the papers so they've got the inner run so to speak and we are finding it hugely successful, when we list a new property it will give us a list of buyers and we will run throw them, everyones got their hitlists so they know the emails going out but we also follow up with phone calls.

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