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Watch how Unreal Real Estate utilise ReNet's advanced Real Estate solutions to build success & results for their business

Chris - Gooday, Chris and Kerry here from Unrealestate Coffs Harbour.
We have been operating now for 9 years, And since we opened we have been using renet and couldn't be happier with the product and services we have been receiving.

Kerry - The results have really been great for us . Renet have been an excellent company to deal with, the staff find it really easy to use the system.
We have got some great success storied, just recently we actually took over a listing from another agent an agency in Coffs harbour area. They had the property on the market 4 times over the last few years. We took it over and actually emailed it out to someone who was in our DB, they rang and said "Hey thanks for the email, that looks great" and they ended up being the buyer for the property!

Chris - In a lot of ways it works simply and it works really effectively you've still got to follow up with phone calls and everything for the personal touch, but we found it works really well for us.

Yeah it really is a one-stop shop in a lot of ways and I think its one of the things the team really love because of the bulk uploads with all the major sites, realestate.com, domain.com etc. you just enter it once into Renet and all the hard work is done and also the fact that it automatically populates the database as Kerry was mentioning and it gives that personal touch too because when we put the buyers in every time we list a a new property it automatically sends it out, it send sit out with that personal touch that is actually from the agent. Little do the people know on the other end that it is actually the system doing all the work for you. 

But I suppose that's the thing about a good system - a good system is one where it looks to the client that you're doing all thew work but its very much a set and forget.

Kerry - Having systems in place is probably one of the keys to the success of our business - Renet's certainly been a key part of that.

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