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The principals at Unreal Real Estate chat about Vendor Reporting and how they use this powerful tool to list sell and lease property through comprehensive reporting mechanisms.

Kerry - I was actually doing a bit of an exercise the other day where we tracked down our last 25 sales and amazingly enough 12 out of the 25 came from our database. So those people were either emailed and followed up with a phone call and they ended up being the buyer on the property, so we are finding our systems have been working really well.

Of course it's got to be intertwined with personal contact but yes the systems in place are fantastic. It certainly enables people to get their homes sold quickly and for the best price because everybody knows about them.

Chris - Yes I think for an agency like UnrealEstate the fact we have such cutting edge systems is a real bonus for our clients especially our vendors because every interaction we have with buyers is logged, everything we do with our property is logged and it just makes live so much easier. We can jump straight on, we can see what the buyers said about the property, its great feedback for our vendors because we can jump onto our vendor's report straight away and lets the vendors know exactly what's going on with their property, what potential buyers are saying about the property

Kerry - Yes the Vendors reports are great because everything is quite transparent. A lot of the criticism of the real estate industry is that real estate agents don't really tell their clients enough, as in the home sellers. Whereas we are able to basically do a whole report, how many hits it has had on the internet, how many people have looked at it, how many ebrochures has been sent out, feedback from people who have been to the open house, who have been to inspections, whose made an enquiry, it basically keeps everyone well informed. The agents as well as the sellers and the buyers of course.

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