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Eden is a newly crafted sophisticated design built to utilise ReNet's dedicated CRM geared for rural businesses.

Attract new business interests or list and sell more with any type of sale through an array of modules designed to display comprehensive and precise data in an attractive and affordable all in one solution.


Everything you dream of in a website

Listing display

Rural businesses market a wide array of listing types from livestock and clearing sales to machinery and water sales. ReNet has developed comprehensive and scalable listing tools that reflect this dynamic industry.

Display detailed and accurate data that leverages ReNet's patented Touchpoints ManagerTM to capture intuitive information that lists and sells more, and identifies future prospects through highlighting key buyer behaviour patterns.

Toggle Between Views

Our themes have been designed with an array of options for our clients to conveniently toggle between map and gallery view with ease.

With map view engaged we harness Google's mapping technology allowing you to focus on your desired location, location, location.

Google Map Functionality

Google provide an extensive library of features which offer as a standard inclusion enhancing your clients search experience. Take control of your maps with custom markers and leverage the power of Google clustering to highlight the number of listings in your desired search area.

Browse through numerous pop-up listings and access property details with a single click.

Simple Form Integration

Capture your client interests through a multitude of pre-integrated forms to simplify the collection of client data.

Market Appraisal, Property Alerts, Marketing sign-ups agency contacts as well as operational forms such as tenancy applications are all pre-integrated with ReNet's touchpoints managerTM CRM allowing your business to benefit from the power of communication automation.

Social...We've Got It Sorted!

Built with the latest technologies on offer, promote your listings to your market with social media integration, video capabilities, search engine optimisation and industry leading analytics.

All this is built on a framework responsive to all modern screens allowing your listings to be viewable anywhere, anytime on any device.

Search Engine Friendly

Jump to the top of the list with SEO options built into your tailored CRM.

We're Here For You

We live & breathe Real Estate. For all matters of support, our team are right behind you.

Marketing Made Easy

We have the marketing solution that sets you apart, try it today.

Your Content, Your Way

Manage your digital footprint with simplicity & complete control of your content.

Hosting Minus The Red Tape

We take care of your hosting, freeing you to focus on selling & listing more.

Budget Friendly

A decorative agent or just kicking off your career, we have the competitive package designed for you.


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